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How to become a topper in class 12

A student’s academic career is often completely determined by the outcome of this exam, and it can be the deciding factor in their future.

Students will do their best to study hard and score good marks on this board exam. They prepare by utilizing the resources available and reinforcing their knowledge base with an organized studying and practice routine.

Preparing for the board exam is a significant challenge requiring meticulous and thorough planning. If you’re following this guide to get an idea of what to expect, you’ll be on the right track with your study schedule and ensuring success in your exam.

Tips to Consider

Lay your foundation right

It’s important to start preparing for the board exam much earlier and become a topper in Class 12, giving you more confidence. The focus should be on following the syllabus and the teachers’ guidelines. This plan aims to achieve conceptual clarity in subjects taught in schools. You could take references from books for additional information about subjects covered in classes. Board exams are only based on the main syllabus, and reference books are mainly required for competitive exams after Class 12.

Make a perfect timetable.

Many students plan their studies for exams by planning when, how long they’ll spend studying for each subject, and what kinds of subjects they want to memorize.

Set a target

Every student should have their target of getting full marks in their exams. Teachers can help guide you on how to get full marks. This is why practicing with different question papers on different subjects is important. College board classes range from the Arts, Science, and Business streams. If students opt for the Science stream, they should focus more on practicing subjects they feel weak at, such as 12th-board science. Do not try to avoid these topics if you know them better than how to score well in that particular branch of science.

Keep practicing

It isn’t easy to find the best study habits that are suitable for you. So, when it comes to passing exams, your experiences vary from person to person. Teachers and experts might be able to tell you what method will work well for you, but in the end, it’s about how you prepare and commit yourself. The most effective method for preparing for exams is solving previous question papers and evaluating how your scores are improving.

Don’t find a shortcut.

Preparing for the exams can be tough, but it has to be done. Some would find it stressful and difficult even to know where to start. For those who need some more guidance and regular reassurance, please make sure you keep yourself relaxed and stress-free. Imagine what it’s like when exam night comes along!

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