All you need to know about class 12 ICSE exams in 2023

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) board conducted the ICSE 10/12 exam for students across India. The exam is one of India’s most challenging and competitive, making it fertile ground for a speedy education.


How to become a topper in class 12

Students will do their best to study hard and score good marks on this board exam. They prepare by utilizing the resources available and reinforcing their knowledge base with an organized studying and practice routine.

Compass with needle pointing the word vision with blur effect plus blue and black tones. Conceptual image for immustration of company or business anticipation or strategy

How to remain fixed on your vision

Few people have mastered the knack of staying motivated. For most, it appears to be ephemeral. It comes and goes like waves on the beach, frequently retreating at the most inconvenient times when we need it the most.

Online Learning Can Prepare Students For Fast-Changing

Consider your first classroom experience. Whether it was at school or nursery, chances are there was a chalkboard with coloured chalk where you concentrated the majority of your attention. You were probably working from a booklet or creating pictures by hand on paper using a pencil and crayons.