About Us

About Us

Adroit Learning is an online A-level academy for children enrolled under IB, GCSE, IGCSE, CBSE and ICSE curriculum. The platform provides tutoring, performing arts, coding and computer training. Adroit learning is designed to educate kids through online classes between the age group of 6-18 years. The UAE-based educational portal aims to inculcate qualities, in children, like problem-solving skills, teamwork and leadership. Adroit Learning’s primary focus is to boost knowledge and develop skills, which would ultimately help them to overall build a strong personality. Our virtually driven education system is supported by the best faculty chosen by us from across the educational industry.

About Us
About Us

Why Adroit?


Our well-trained, highly-experienced teachers do their utmost to provide a personalized learning experience for the students. Staff’s accessibility and enthusiasm towards providing quality education and learning is taken foremost care of.


At Adroit Leadership the individuality and uniqueness of every child are encouraged and enhanced. The curriculum of each course is designed to cater to all types of students enrolled in our academy.


We use the finest technology to run our platform, making it user-friendly for both- you and your child. We use Video lectures, audio files, images, chats etc., to make the educational setup both, interesting and informative, at the same time.

Our Team

We at Adroit Learning craft digital experiences that are a game-changer for your children. Our team combines three elements: technology engineering, student feedback, and strategy that solve challenging problems for your children at a blazing speed. 

We believe in ownership and hence we develop tutoring strategies that would give your child the best education and career goals.  Our educational ecosystem follows a result-driven approach. Upgrading your child in performing arts, coding, academics, and programming we do everything.  Students that are under IB, GCSE, IGCSE, ICSE, and CBSE curriculum receive the best tutoring guidance under our expert set of teachers.

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With us, you can witness expect an excellent learning outcome and a virtually divan academic system.

As a facilitator join us to spread the light of knowledge as we provide quality education at an economical price.