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What is A Level & O Level Education? Know the Difference & More

As an Indian, Srilankan, Pakistani and Bangladeshi, English has always been your second language. To clear O-level and A-level exams seamlessly, you need to work extremely hard on your English speaking, writing, and reading skills. This is the only way you can clear O and A-level education with ease. 

What are O-level and A-level Exams? 

In the Indian subcontinent, we have exams based on a particular book. This means when you appear for an exam, you put forward the ideas that you learned from the dedicated book that was given to you on a particular subject. 

This is not the case for A and O-level exams. Here there is no specific book for a particular exam and you must read multiple books by several authors to clear the exam. In conclusion, a standard exam has a single dedicated book for clearing an exam while A or O levels have multiple books by several authors to clear the exam. 

Success Stories 

Students who have been able to pass O and A level exam have shared their success stories.  They have voiced their opinions stating that to clear such an exam you need to work on four things which are known as ideas, communication, writing, and time management.  

There are students, who have no clue when they appear for O and A level exams, hence they can’t clear it. Some have ideas but can’t communicate and channel the ideas on paper when they appear before the exam. Hence they can’t pass it

Some have ideas and communication in order but fail when they are told to write them on paper. The last category is time management where the students have an idea, communication, and writing skills streamlined but due to the inability to manage their time and they have no clue on how to clear the exam. So in a nutshell, you need to master ideas, communication, writing skills, and time management to clear such exams. 

Do A and O-level Exams Come Under ICSE or CBSE?

These sets of exams come under the IGSCE (International General Certificate of Secondary exam). This is a global board whose prime objective is preparing you to live and earn in a country where English is considered the first language.  IGCSE is much tougher than CBSE and ICSE board and hence you need to dedicate your heart, mind, and soul to clear A or O level exam.  

This board comes with a curriculum of 70 subjects where students can opt for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 subjects. The mandatory subjects of this board include first language, second language, mathematics, and other option in science like physics or chemistry. 

Knowing the Difference Between A and O-level Exams? 

O stands for ordinary level and A stands for Advanced Level.  O-level exams are taken by students between 14-16, whereas A-level exams are taken by students between the age group of 16-18.

If you are wondering which grade is O level? Then the highest grade is A* and the lowest one is E*. The grade U* is considered a fail. The exams are conducted between June and November and the results are declared between August and January. Out of 40 subjects students can pick any 14.

In the case of the A-level exam, A* is considered the highest grade, and the lowest is graded E*. The date of the exam and the date of the result are the same as O level exam. There are 50 subjects available out of which they can pick any 5.

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