5 Key Memory Tips to Remember Study Notes

In Dubai, there are 60 % of students, who can’t recall their study materials during the time of their GCSE exams. As an experienced online tutoring platform in UAE, we have come up with five quick memory tips that would easily tackle this issue and make you the best version of yourself.

1. Revision Everyday

When study materials are reviewed every day then that becomes a habit. The majority of the students can recall only 40% of what they have studied before exams because they are not regular with their revisions. Ensure that you don’t fall into the category.

Most of the reputed psychologist and education institutions have suggested that revising your study material every day will strengthen your retention rate by 3x and we abide by that. Students who revise during the night before the exam would have a very low retention rate during the time of exams.  So whenever you finish a lesson, summarise what you understood and any questions and doubts regarding it. This will automatically increase your retention power.

2. Make Others Understand 

You have learned a lesson and now it’s the time you make others understand what you have understood. When you ask your family to listen to what you have to say, then they will be very honest with their feedback, if you can’t make your parents understand concepts that you have learned then that means you have not learned the concept in full detail. There are still loopholes that you need to revisit and master it.

3. Do a Heavy Research

Your textbooks might not be able to answer all the questions you have. Hence you go for the kill. Ask your family members, friends, teachers, or anyone who has knowledge of the subject that you are currently learning. Go to the library, read books by various authors, or do digital research to understand the concept clearly. The goal is to learn the concept so well that it gets imprinted in your mind.

4. Use the Traditional Approach of Textbook

We would suggest that you don’t opt for e-learning when you are about to take the exam. If certain materials are present as a pdf or a research article in digital space, try printing them out and using them like a textbook.  A recent study said that 90 % of school students still prefer reading materials on paper as it helps them to recall information when it’s needed. 

Secondly, using digital space, there would be an infinite number of message notifications, emails, YouTube videos, and social media platforms that would deflect away from your goal. In addition, they would also strain your eyes since the blue light emission would be on a constant basis. Hence it’s advised that you read and study materials on paper.

5. Sleep and Exercise 

Sleep and exercise act as a married couple. Both of these activities would lower your stress hormone and increase your concentration massively. You will feel energized throughout the day and you won’t lose concentration when you read and study a concept for prolonged hours. Make sure you don’t compromise on these when you take your final exams.

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