Things to Keep In Mind While Taking CBSE Exams
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Important Points to Keep in Mind While Taking CBSE Exams

Students need to realize that CBSE exams are just another set of exams that they have been preparing for a year. Schools in Dubai have already conducted several practice tests to make you prepare for this exam in real-time. 

Instead of being calm and collected, students’ stress level is high when they are about to face exams. This leads to nervousness and failure to score the marks that they want. 

Hence you must know how to handle exam pressure and come out with flying colors. Therefore adroit has carefully drafted a list of essential things that you need to consider while taking the CBSE exam

Make Sure You Do Not Leave Out Any Question 

As a CBSE student, you need to realize that there is no negative marking in CBSE exams. Hence even if you don’t know the answer to a question make sure you attempt it.  If you are lucky with your guesswork, then there might be a possibility that the answer might turn out to be correct, even if you were not sure in the first place. 

An important thing to consider while answering these questions is time management. Please answer all the questions that you know and then return to the questions that you don’t know. 

60 % of the students make the mistake of writing long answers to a question that they are not sure about and end up not answering the questions that guarantee them full marks 

Never Write Irreverent 

There is a common misconception among CBSE students. They believe the longer the answer, the greater will be the marks. This is completely untrue and this is the reason why students fail to score the marks that they have imagined. 

To Mitigate This Issue, Follow These Writing Tips 

  • Answer every question with relevance. Make sure that there is no jargon involved. 
  • Contractions such as can’t and won’t be avoided at all costs. Make sure that you use concise words that leave a good impression on the invigilator who will be checking your paper 
  • Make sure that you space write your answer in paragraphs and include enough space between words. This automatically makes your answer understandable and readable 
  • Make neatness your priority. Every diagram or table should be neatly formulated and presented in front of the checker. 

Check the Answer Allotted to Each Question 

Most of the students write long and detailed answers for the question that only has two marks. The student fails to realize even if they write a complete answer in a long format the checker would not give the student more than two marks. So you must answer every question with precision. 

Make Your Mind Overcome Fear 

There would be times when you know the answer to a certain question, but your mind doesn’t recollect it. Also, exam time is about to get over. This is the time when fear comes and anxiety strikes. If you could calm down during this situation then that would be a game changer. 

Calm your mind by saying that it’s okay that you could not recollect the answer to a certain question, but you have tried your best to answer the rest of the questions that are presented on paper. Remember in life that there would be various other exams and tests when you will apply for competitive exams. Let not one CBSE exams derail your future. Join the Adroit CBSE Tuition online with experts tutor & get the benefits of personalized learning. Tailored-made packages are available for each student.

Score Highest with Adroit 

At Adroit Learning, we provide value for every child. Our top-tier staff uses the finest Edtech tools to make every concept of CBSE exams come to life so that it gets imprinted on your child’s head. Since the concept is so well learned there would never be a possibility that your child would forget what to write when the actual exams are conducted. 

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