How to Develop a Growth Mindset for Better Academic Success

How to Develop a Growth Mindset for Better Academic Success

A famous professor known as Carol Dweek in 2006 stated that people have only two mindsets. One is known as growth and the other is known as fixed. People with fixed mindsets believed that their talents and intelligence cannot be enhanced and that whatever happens to them is because of luck. On the contrary people with a growth mindset believed that their talent and intelligence can be enhanced with time and that whatever happens to them is their responsibility. To understand both these mindsets let’s dive deep with some examples. 

Scenario 1 

Imagine a situation, where you have studied for an exam, you did your revisions, cleared all your doubts for your teachers, and during the day of the exam, you felt confident that you will score a grade A. when the results came out you were given a grade C. 

This affected you so badly that you lost confidence in yourself and never tried for any other exam in your life. You believed that your hard work won’t bring you any satisfaction and hence you cursed your luck. This type of mindset is known as a fixed mindset where you tell your mind that you have done enough and there is no way you can improve and change your life. 

Scenario 2

Imagine another plotline, where you took this grade C as a source of motivation. You investigated what you did wrong in the daily routine that gave you this outcome. You don’t blame your luck but take full responsibility that you will change your strategies in the next to get a favorable result. This is a type of mentality where you tell your mind that you change for the better known as the growth mindset. 

How to Develop a Growth Mindset? 

Take criticism: Whenever someone criticizes you, there is no need to shoot back a negative reply immediately. Take a moment and analyze what made the person feel that way.  Talk to the person and see what the areas you can improve are. This will make you a powerful person and help you achieve your goals effortlessly. 

Take inspiration from people who are more successful and experienced than you: See how the people in the field are more successful than you. Humble yourself before them and tell them to be your leader. They lead and you follow. Remember that their success doesn’t mean that you are not worthy. Never compare success but instead be happy for others. When you become appreciative of others, they will become appreciative of you. 

Never Give Up: Always be super confident in yourself. You will find many obstacles in your journey that don’t mean you will give up your mission and purpose. Always reflect on how you can improve and strive for greatness. 

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