Debunking Common Myths about the CBSE Board
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Debunking Common Myths about the CBSE Board

Passing the CBSE exam with more than 90 % is a dream for every student. There is no problem with the dream, but failure to do should not make you feel that this is the end of your glorious life. Look at the millionaires and top talent that exist today. Have they all completed their schooling even? The answer is a resounding no.

Thus, it’s very evident that the CBSE exam won’t decide your future, but your hard work and your will to make it to the top even if your score is less in your board exam will. This is the reason why we have formulated this article. 

Through this, we would like to tell you that’s completely okay if you score average in your board exams, the only catch here is never to lose focus and let depression take control over you. We will be debunking the most common CBSE board myths that revolve around board exams, this will let your mind relax and initiate positive thinking while you take the exam this year.

1. Study to Learn and Not to Score 

Look around you. How much that you have learned in CBSE exams helped in real-world scenarios? English is the main subject in CBSE exams and despite that, all the brilliant minds that have scored 90 % in exams are not able to write a complete sentences without grammatical mistakes or speak English fluently. The same goes for maths and science. 

You are so concerned about scoring top marks in exams that you fail to learn the concept and use it in various aspects of your life. Since you never really learn it for its importance but for marks, you are unable to answer basic science and math questions when asked in real-time. 

2. This is a One-Time Commitment 

In our experience, we have seen students, who are skipping meals and losing precious sleep hours mugging concepts to score in exams. Doing this amount of hard work only to score this one time makes me think that if I score good grades in exams, relatives, and parents will be proud of me and after that, I can rest for the rest of my life. 

A steady relationship, a good job, pursuing higher education, everything will require dedication and hard work; nothing is a one-time job. Even minor goals like losing weight and decluttering your room take time and sweat. So if you are thinking that working hard only for boards is a one-time phenomenon and other times you can chill, get a reality check as soon as possible.

3. You Need to Spend a Huge Amount on Tuition 

All you need is good education institutions that are in this business to add value to the students’ lives and not in it for the money. Spending lakhs won’t guarantee a good grade if the teacher only cares about the funds that are going inside their pocket. Look for institutions that treat students like family. Only then do you have teachers that make you feel like a champion and not a bank.

Join the family 

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