5 Key Memory Tips to Remember Study Notes

In Dubai, there are 60 % of students, who can’t recall their study materials during the time of their GCSE exams. As an experienced online tutoring platform in UAE, we have come up with five quick memory tips that would easily tackle this issue and make you the best version of yourself. 1. Revision Everyday […]

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How to Perform Well in Exams – 5 Expert Tips

1) Make sure you’re not mismanaging your time Time Management Plight – It can be very frustrating to think that if you had more time for a single question, you could have scored more points. What causes time to pass without your knowledge or consent? There could be too many factors. Something in the room […]

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How to become a Topper in class 12

A student’s academic career is often completely determined by the outcome of this exam, and it can be the deciding factor in their future. Students will do their best to study hard and score good marks on this board exam. They prepare by utilizing the resources available and reinforcing their knowledge base with an organized […]